WakaWaka IWACU

WakaWaka IWACU works with a lease-to-own model. The WakaWaka is a solar powered mobile charger and light. WakaWakas are desperately needed in In Rwanda, over 90% of the people do not have access to the electricity grid. Many Rwandans use candles or kerosene at night which are dangerous, expensive and bad for health and environment. Clients can use the WakaWaka after they add credit with a scratchard and mobile phone. At the end of their lease period, clients will be the proud owners of their own WakaWaka, a high-tech, aspirational electricity and light solution. The goal of WakaWaka Iwacu is to create a "virtual electric grid" for Rwanda. Watch the clip to learn more about WakaWaka IWACU.


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